Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the internet’s most valuable fitness resource: Helping YOU get and stay in great shape for life. We are so ecstatic that you took the time and have enough interest to Meet Us that we decided to pose in some deadly shirts off body shots. What do you think? Are we fit enough to give fitness advice? I know that I could not listen to anyone about fitness and health if they were not models of it…Could you, do you?

I am not trying to be “cocky” or arrogant – we are just confident that we can help YOU get and stay in great lean shape year round. How would YOU like that?

That’s Me, Jamey.

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My fitness training routine involves 3 by 35-45 minute high intensity interval training body weight and free weight lifting sessions per week. I essentially do some abs planks, then some body weight and free weight lifts for 15-20 minutes then I do some running or rowing sprints for 10 minutes and finish off with some walking for cool down and additional fat burning. I also enjoy mountain biking and do that as often as I can.

I prescribe what I practice: Is my routine something that you could manage? It really only takes 1.5 hours of actual training per week to get and stay in great shape year round. Of course diet has a crucial role…

I do concentrate on eating “right” which in my opinion is very simple to do. I eat “low carb” 5 days per week (no bread, pasta, pastry, cereals, rice or other sweets). To keep myself sane I have a cheat day where I pretty much eat what I want guilt free. I still steer pretty clear of simple carbs even on cheat day because it makes me feel ill. But what I preach is for you to indulge in some desserts or pizza one day per week guilt free. One day per week I fast by only eating dinner. I think fasting is essential and after experimenting with it for the last 8 months, I have found it to be extremely easy and somewhat invigorating (I have more energy on fasting day than any other day).

Do you want to effortlessly maintain a lean beach body year round? We do it and we see no reason you can not. If you have anything you want to get off your chest you can Email me using the contact form.

I wrote a more in depth bio and about page here. Go and have a look if you want to learn more electrifying facts about me.

Body Fit Check: Here to Help You

We started the Body Fit Check with some goals in mind:

  1. Help you get fitter, lose weight, defy science, become superhuman;
  2. Help everyone prevent and treat degenerative disease with exercise and healthy food;
  3. Contribute to research foundations looking at links between human exercise and diet with degenerative diseases.

We believe our goals are possible, and we believe we can contribute starting now.

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