The Problem With Conventional How To Get a 6 Pack Abs Advice

You are here because you want the no nonsense system to show you how to get a 6 pack. You crave the truth. Am I right?

You want no nonsense because you are sick of:

  • Seeing ads like: “Go on our special formulated pill diet and your abs will magically appear in 48 hours.”
  • And: “Want to know how to get a 6 pack abs in a few days? Well we have the answer: Just wear these special designed electrodes for two hours a day!”
  • The heavily advertised get abs fad diets that don’t work.
  • Running on the treadmill for nonsensical amounts of time and never seeing any abs.
  • Being let down by money hungry magazines that generally just promote whatever’s popular at the moment.

Big business knows abs are desirable and so they capitalise.

Scary stuff!

In this course you will learn the actual truth about six pack abs so that within 4-6 weeks (never more than a couple hours work a week) you will be sporting some spectacular results to brag about.

Namely we’ll look at:

  • The killer effects of belly fat.
  • The 90 minute per week “lazy man’s” way to rock solid abs.
  • The top 22 foods you need to be eating now for ultimate fat burning.
  • How sexy athletes maintain their breathtaking toned stomachs (motivational of course).

Why should you trust my knowledge?

My Learning Curve

Like probably most of you, I was plagued with the conventional wisdom that to get a 6 pack I need to do at least 1000 ab crunches – twice a day?

After scouring through many magazines, internet blogs and TV shows I discovered (and purchased) Mike Geary’s The Truth About Six Pack Abs in hopes of learning the most effective and speedy 6 pack strategy. I studied the information and started experimenting with my food and movement patterns to align with Mike’s bulletproof system.

After these tweaks my diet and exercise patterns were more invigorating than ever before. And guess what?

I was crazy fat burning and had an epiphany: If anyone aligns their lifestyle with this (what I was doing) their body would actually desire a flat and toned stomach.

For all of us this holds true. Your stomach earns to be amazing looking. 

All you have to do is let it happen by optimising your foods and movements for fat burning.

Sharing My Knowledge For Free

You are about to start an exciting new journey.

There is no reason why, if you follow my course, you could not obtain 6 pack abs in 4 weeks and even less. It really just depends on you, your current fitness and your dedication.

You will definitely be able to maintain your abs year round. But don’t worry: You will not go hungry and you will not have to kill yourself running marathons or embarras yourself using a weird ab tool contraption.

You will figure out, for your own body, what works and what does not.

I feel it my obligation to take you on this little journey of your own.

The 5 Part “How To Get a 6 Pack” Series:

Below are 5 links to a series on “HOW TO GET A 6 PACK.”

You should know all the information presented is based on real life evidence (mine and others) and backed by scientific research (although it is far from rocket science).

And because you took the time to read this far I figure I better tell you: There is no bullshit, no scams, no downloads required, no mailing lists.

Just pure top notch information for you to throth over.

Read each article in order. Each article has a link to the next or to the previous part (of the series) within.

What Next?

Now that you have the know-how you should start working towards your dream, of a flat and toned stomach, by eating the foods and doing the moves I described.

Depending on your level of experience doing fitness, you will either see the path to take – or not.

It would be a shame for you to spend the time reading this 5 part “How To Get a 6 Pack” series and be stopped (before you get your 6 pack) because I didn’t give you a comprehensive enough workout and diet plan.

So for those of you that need more guidance in the form of detailed meal and workout plans: I would like to send you to my friend Mike Geary’s Resource Page.

The page Mike has put together is two videos (men and women’s versions) that are 5 or 6 minutes long. The videos reveal some top notch tips – so they’re worth the watch.

[As a side note I wanted to show you the front cover of Mike’s downloadable abs book. Just in case you see it somewhere else in your future search of abs information. You will know, like I said above, it is the one I purchased years back and do highly recommend. Anyways, I just thought you would want to see the nice looking bodies on the cover :)]

How To Get A 6 Pack

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read this.