Fitness Bootcamp

Finally, A Boot Camp Workout For Smart People

As far as fitness buzzwords go “bootcamp” is right up there with “six pack abs.”

Anyone that can… Will try to take advantage.

Their gadgets, gizmos and exercise programs are covered in these buzzwords because they spark (and it does work) interest from the buyers.

That means we (me and you and anyone who surfs the internet and watches television) are dealing with these dodgy marketing ploys head-on-everyday.

And it kinda sucks, doesn’t it?

You aren’t stupid; you are smart.

That is why this Fitness Bootcamp was made for smart people.

It’s freeand free from b.s. and scams.

It can and will give you a solid introduction to the movement patterns you should be following to get and stay fit for life.

How is This Fit Body Bootcamp Going to Help You Get Fit Fast?

A bootcamp by definition is the basic training a military recruit goes through as an induction to the service.

This Fitness Bootcamp for Smart People will give you a detailed induction to the exercises and weekly movement patterns you need to follow to attain awesome fitness levels for life.

The strategies you learn will allow you to effortlessly maintain your new fitness for life.

What you will learn:

  1. Why HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the most affective training technique known to man.
  2. How to apply HIIT techniques to never “workout” longer than 30 minutes and 90 minutes per week.
  3. Why HIIT can be your new best friend. 🙂
  4. How to have fun and get fit at the same time.

And more…

Overview of bootcamp time requirements:

Per week:

  • Two 30 minute HIIT’s
  • One 20 minute sprint routine
  • Having fun 2 hours

How does that sound?

Fitness Bootcamp For Smart People

Is and always will be: Free!

Print out, enlarge to fullscreen, download, share and or view on are all ways to interact with the bootcamp document in the window below.

It’s up to you.

[If you click ‘download’ you will be taken to Scribd is where I decided to distribute the document from because it is a social publishing website, where tens of millions of people share their writings and documents. So I figured it had a better chance of being read by more people there.]

Body Fit Check Bootcamp


Fitness Bootcamp – Post Links

The bootcamp started as a daily post, to, outlining my daily movement pattern for 4 weeks.

I took my camera to the gym on several occasions and posted some gym moves I did – right in some of the posts below.

Work your way through: Top to bottom. Or you can always have all the information at once by downloading from above.

Week 1 -Recap

Week 2 – Recap

Week 3 – Recap

Intro to Week 4 (and the final week in the bootcamp)

Week 4 – Recap

What Next?

Try Our Fitness Challenge

After you move through the bootcamp make sure to visit The Body Fit Check Challenge page to post your challenge times and compete with the others.

Want More Fitness Boot Camp Ideas?

Fitness Bootcamp

<— Craig Ballantyne is the Michael Jordan of fitness bootcamps.





He has a lot of qualifications:

  1. Master Degree in Exercise Physiology.
  2. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist for athletes.
  3. Member of the Training Advisory Board for Men’s Fitness magazine.
  4. Consultant to Rugby Canada National Team.

He single handedly revolutionised fat loss workouts to be more affective in less time – much less time.

Since Craig invented Turbulence Training in 1999 it has seen widespread success and is now widely accepted as the gold standard for fat loss.

Fitness Bootcamp

He prescribes three 45 minute mixed body weight, free weight and sprint training sessions per week.

If that sounds good to you then click on the Turbulence Training photo above to be taken to a personal video message from Craig.

But I must warn you now.

Craig believes intensity is the key.

You experience maximum results in minimum time…

You build muscle…

Burn fat…

And increase both your anaerobic and aerobic fitness…

Only because you work your butt off.

So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Click here now to: Learn how to burn fat at home, lose weight without boring cardio and eat delicious foods to lose fat.