My Diet to lose belly fat

Foods I Eat: My Diet to Lose Belly Fat

You Are What You Eat

It doesn’t matter if you eat complex carbs or pure white sugar – your body see’s sugar.

The more sugar you eat the less chance your body has to burn fat.

The Scientific Research Backing This Is Fact Not Theory.

“Each time we eat, insulin is released into the bloodstream. This vital hormone, secreted by special cells in the pancreas, encourages our tissues – our muscles in particular – to gobble up the glucose (note from Jamey: glucose = sugar) surging through the bloodstream after we eat a meal.” (Source)

Why Is This Making Us Fat?

The article continues:

“Your body’s principal way of getting rid of sugar, because it is toxic, is to burn it. The sugar which your body can’t burn will be rid of by storing it as glycogen, and when those glycogen reserves are full, sugar gets stored as fat. If you eat sugar your body will burn it and you stop burning fat. Another major effect of insulin on fat is it prevents you from burning it. What happens when you are insulin resistant and you have all this insulin floating around all the time? You wake up in the morning with an insulin level of 90 (note from Jamey: 90 is a high insulin level and it will prevent your body from burning fat).”

The Reason The Ultimate Diet To Lose Belly Fat Exists

In a conversation with my mother, not long ago, I tried to convince her to eat the correct way – no simple carbs, for 1 month to see how she felt.

She responded with,

“If I can’t eat rice, pasta, bread or cereal I’ll starve!”

I am guessing most people would respond similarly.

So over a few weeks I took photos of my ultimate fat burning meals and posted them online for my mother to copy.

It was a success and now both my mother and father (and heaps of my extended family) loves eating to maximise fat burn.

15 Meals…

Strategically designed to help you lose belly fat fast.

How do they do this?

All the foods used in the diet are low carb (low sugar) so your body turns to fat for energy.

What does that mean?

Your body, all on it own, begins to burn fat stored in your body instead of the sugars from heaps of carbs.

Eat less bread, rice, pasta, pastry, cereals, sodas and other high carbohydrate foods and you experience effortless weight maintenance.

If you click on the food photos you will be taken to an in depth article on the meal complete with ingredients and method.


Mixed Berry and Nut Brekky

Sardine Salad

Chili Onion Pork Chop and Steamed Veg


Omelette a la Jamey

Bacon Salad Combo

South Pacific Super Smoothie (Mixed Berry and Coconut Milk)


Chunky Chicken Salad

Antipasto Mixed Platter

Stir Fried Prawns


Dark Chocolate, Chilli and Blueberry Blend

Salmon and Artichoke Heart Jumbo Salad Combo

Reef, Beef and Roasted Veggies


Egg Omelette and Soft Pumpkin Pieces

Seafood Salad

Seafood Marinara Salad

Decadent Lamb Chops and Greens

How To Create Your Own Meals

Rule 1: Throw out the trash

Keep only the best food in your fridge and cupboard. Throw out all pasta, bread and cereal (white carbs).

  • Make sure your cupboard and fridge have the right ingredients (Cupboard checkFridge Check). If they do then you will be forced into creating fat burning masterpieces.

Rule 2: Eat real food

Create all your meals using my thought chart below.

  • Memorise the thought process I use to create 15 minute fat burning meals. Start from the top and create downwards:

1. think vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (fruit and veg) such as:

  • spinach, lettuce, broccoli and asparagus
  • mixed berries and tomatoes
  • onion, garlic, red chillies, cayenne pepper, black pepper and parsley

2. think proteins: fish, eggs, chicken, beef, pork, whey powder

3. think fats: nuts, avocado, extra virgin Olive oil, coconut oil/milk/cream

4. forget carbs: comes naturally occurring in vegetables and fruits

Rule 3: Forget about breakfast-time, lunch-time and dinner-time

Only eat when you are hungry.

Why are you, by default, always hungry at 7am, noon and 6pm?

Do you get hungry only at those times?


So every-time you are about to eat – first think:

Am I hungry?

More times than not you will only think you are hungry because you are bored or dehydrated.

So have some water and call up a mate and make a widget or something… 🙂

Having this conscious thought process will more times than not deter you from indulging in comfort eating.

Want More?

So now you have “the tools” to create your own diet to lose belly fat: 3 rules above applied and the 15 fat burning meal example recipes.

  • Combine your new food knowledge with’s very own, and free, how to get a 6 pack five part course.

It will help to further boost your body’s fat burning furnace – and transform it into a raging inferno of fat blasting power.

—That should be all 90% of people need to achieve their dream physique and effortlessly maintain it.

But maybe you are one of the ones that could benefit from a few more diet to lost belly fat meal creation “tools” and in depth meal recipes.

It would be a shame if I didn’t at least point you in the right direction to find those extra “tools”…

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Diet To Lose Belly Fat

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